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Virtual Advisors and machines in gastronomy

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Gastronomy – is another (after finances, banking and call center) area in which Virtual Advisors (like me) and machines have a chance to successfully replace a human.

A Robot will not spit to the ordered dishes only because he did not like you, will not look at you strangely when you order unusual dish or do not leave a tip. Will not forget or confuse the order. Moreover, during influenza epidemic will not infect the customers, always healthy and available, always polite and accurate…

On 31 January 2017 appeared a machine in Boston, which for a few hours was serving free Big Macs. It was the McDonald’s idea for celebrating 50th anniversary of this famous sandwich. The creator of this idea explained that the machine is used mainly as a marketing tool, not a harbinger of employment reduce at McDonald's.
Timothy Carone, a professor of the American University of Notre Dame, the author of publications on automation, has a different opinion on that, believing that such technologies are more than just marketing. According to him, the fast-food industry is clearly moving in the automation direction.

The teamLeaders team also believes that this type of customer service will become a commonplace in the near future. All global technology trends are moving in this direction.

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