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offers a product based on artificial intelligence algorithms, a Virtual Advisor. Thanks to this solution user has the impression of haning interactive conversation with a consultant. Simulation of human behavior, supported by a broad thematic and general knowledge makes the solutions of this type closer to natural than artificial intelligence. Avatar visible on the website or in the exhibition halls in the form of a hologram, not only answers questions, but also moves and reacts to user commands.

The company teamLeaders offers a number of applications which are based on Virtual Advsor solution. They are designed to support navigation on the website (SmartWeb), guest services on the trade fairs and during events (Virtual Hostess), system routing conversations to the customer service consultant (LiveChat).

Click on the category that interests you and see the details of our offer:
  • Virtual Advisor - the system which allows to speak in natural language with website user in chat technology,
  • Semantic Search - intelligent search whhich can retrieve any database and website,
  • Multimedia Kiosk - the world's first interactive touch-screen device which responds to the questions and supports information in multimedia files format,
  • Virtual Hostess - device displaying a figure of Virtual Advisor by posterior projection technology with speech recognition,
  • SmartWeb - website, equipped with Virtual Advisor, with whom you can talk,
  • LiveChat - Virtual Advisor feature, which consists in redirecting conversations to a real chat consultant while it is unable to answer the question,
  • CRM - ensures the efficiency and controls the processes of sales, marketing and services.

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